Ewen Corre

PhD student

Station Biologique de Roscoff, CEA-Genoscope

Bonjour !

I am a PhD student working on planktonic communities across the oceans. I am focusing on their interactions, in particular symbioses involving photosynthetic organisms. To discover this fascinating world, I am working on various Tara-Oceans datasets, mainly using metabarcoding and image analyses.

This small web space is meant to gather some thoughts and some stuff I make and interest me.




  • I participated in the French competition Bioinfuse, promoting bioinformatics in the general public, through pedagogic videos. Our team (Boulègue la bioinfo!) won with a video talking about networks in biology.

Community outreach

Science popularization

Scientific and student life


  • Batucada: I enjoy playing brazilian percussions at Mulêketú, a bloco performing samba-reggae rhythms.
  • Brass band: I also play in the fanfare Les pattes à caisse.
  • Photography: I try to take pictures of new places I visit (here and there).
  • Cycling and running: I use my bike as much as I can, as alternative to other means of transportation. I enjoy running outside.
  • Free software: I mostly use and I promote free software.
  • Podcasts: I listen to a lot of various podcasts.


  • ewen <at] corre [dot> bio